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Secure Elements designs and produces high-security embedded hardware with an integrated high-security, high-performance operating system.


is changing the game in cyber-physical system security


Made in Germany

Mathematically Verified

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SEOS is totally unique in that it is provably secure. It is based on the seL4 microkernel, the world’s first and still only general-purpose OS kernel with a mathematical proof of bug-free implementation extending all the way to machine code, and mathematical proofs of enforcement of security-relevant isolation. Being based on this rock-solid foundation, SEOS inherits seL4’s provable security and, unlike any other OS, can guarantee system security.

In contrast to other security-oriented operating systems, SEOS has an uncompromising performance-oriented design and implementation – we do not trade security for performance. SEOS supports cost-effective integration into existing design through virtualisation and support for industry-standard OS APIs.

SEOS is available on third-party processors, or as part of a fully integrated system on SE hardware.

Secure Elements (SE) offers a fully-integrated hardware-software solution, consisting of SE-designed secure processors and SE’s secure SEOS operating system. The integrated design prevents attacks at three levels: Secure hardware prevents attacks via hardware faults or intentional backdoors. The secure OS prevents software exploits. The integration prevents attacks leveraging hardware-software interface mismatches. The in-house integration prevents tampering during the integration process.

Secure Elements designs and implements processors based on standard instruction-set architectures with proprietary performance and security extensions. A unique and proprietary design methodology prevents hardware vulnerability by comprehensive integrity checks at all design stages.

Hence, Secure Elements execution platforms keep hardware based attacks (e.g. via hardware Trojans or counterfeit IP blocks) strictly out. The chip receives the proprietary, most elaborate full scale protection against physical and side channel attacks.

Our novel production engineering process for secure chip production is based on continuous reverse engineering derived from the hardware integrity checks at various manufacturing levels. This unique and proprietary secure production concept enables Secure Elements to offer full protection against the introduction of hardware Trojans on production level no matter which is the actual production site or foundry.

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Product attributes
  • General purpose
  • Mathematically proven
  • Highly integrated
  • High performance
  • High compatibility
  • Cost effecive
  • Innovation friendly
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Use Cases
  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Automotive
  • Industrial Automation
  • Healthcare
  • Energy and Smart Grids